• Elisabeth Van Aalderen

Shades of Pale - Nathalie

15.03.2019 | 14:30 UUR | Elisabeth van Aalderen

I'd like to look back on the first subject I photographed for the Shades of Pale project. Natalie @being_just_us traveled all the way to Amsterdam to take part of this and getting photographed by me in the studio. ❤️ This project is all about #bodypositivity and to celebrate our uniqueness and embracing the vitiligo body and its esthetic. For me it was also very special to get up close and personal with someone who had the same struggles as me -I have vitiligo myself- and as many young woman all over the world who are trying to fit in. Why should you even want to fit in, if you were born to be unique? Makeup by the incredible @xiuyun.yu. And underwear by @Monki.

If you want to get featured in the series, please sign up at elisabethva.com/vitiligo.

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