"Shades of pale" available for pre-order now.

Images featured in the publication “Shades of Pale - the book - available here

“Shades of Pale - the book” features images by Elisabeth van Aalderen made in the past 2 years of women with vitiligo.The book is going to have 120-160 pages and will be printed in Belgium. First editon of copies: 400

These images document the individuality of women with vitiligo and it celebrates and reinterprets their skin as a beautifully painted canvas. In the literal and biological sense, we are saying farewell to the melanin. However, in the broader sense, we are breaking free from our perception of beauty.


Voordekunst is thé platform in the Netherlands for crowdfunding in the creative sector. Funding the book will go to this platform. You can directly and easily contribute to the project through their website. With small and large donations from private individuals and companies, more than 2000 projects have been successfully financed through voordekunst.

 © 2020 by Elisabeth van Aalderen. All rights reserved.

© 2020 by Elisabeth van Aalderen, Photographer| Haarlem, The Netherlands, | info@elisabethva.com | +31 (0)6 51593624

Dutch photographer in Haarlem, studied @ Academy of Arts, Utrecht. Elisabeth portrays realistic and with a refreshingly clean cut. Youthful portraits and abstract landscapes Inspired by her travels.

Fotograaf uit Haarlem, gestudeerd @ HKU te Utrecht. De fotografie van Elisabeth van Aalderen kenmerkt zich door haar verfrissende composities. Portret en landschap fotografie.

Shades of Pale - the book

Shades of Pale - the book available for pre-order now.