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Clients love her realistic and clean photos, distinguished by the freshness that they radiate throughout her whole ensemble. She works fast, is a team player, a light seeker, a traveller and big-time location shoot-lover.


Elisabeth (1986) is a Haarlem based photographer, working form her daylight studio in Amsterdam. 


After successfully graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts, she applied for the photography department of the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. After one year she decided to develop herself further as an autodidact. From that point, driven by imagination, curiosity and intuition, she got started in an organic way.

Working for many years in the fashion industry as a stylist & art director, she decided to follow her passion in photography.


Vogue NL & IT, Grazia NL, Elle DK, Volkskrant Magazine, &C Magazine, Huffington Post, Daily Mail,  Viva, Linda, Gazet van Antwerpen, HLN, Demotivateur, Ipnoze.

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Dutch photographer in Haarlem, studied @ Academy of Arts, Utrecht. Elisabeth portrays realistic and with a refreshingly clean cut. Youthful portraits and abstract landscapes Inspired by her travels.

Fotograaf uit Haarlem, gestudeerd @ HKU te Utrecht. De fotografie van Elisabeth van Aalderen kenmerkt zich door haar verfrissende composities. Portret en landschap fotografie.