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These images document the individuality of woman with vitiligo and it celebrates and reinterprets their skin as a beautifully painted canvas. In the literal and biological sense, we are saying farewell to the melanin. However, in the broader sense, we are breaking free from our perception of beauty.


Huffingtonpost, GB:

"The 'Beauty And Uniqueness' Of Vitiligo Captured In Photo Series. Photographer Elisabeth Van Aalderen was inspired to create the series when a girl complemented the pale patches on her skin, describing them as a “unique tattoo”. - Read full article here.

Bored Panda, USA:

"Beautiful Women With Vitiligo Shot By A Photographer Who Has The Same Condition. The photographer believes that she has vitiligo for a reason. "It’s my biggest and most difficult journey of self-acceptance'. - Read full article here.

Daily Mail, GB:

"The women whose skin is changing colour: Photographer celebrates the 'unique beauty' of vitiligo in stunning portraits". - Read full article here.

NowThis, USA:

"'Shades of Pale' photo series highlights women living with vitiligo and challenges perceptions of beauty." - See video here

Daily Mail, NY:

"The women whose skin is changing colour: Photographer celebrates the 'unique beauty' of vitiligo in stunning portraits. Photographer Elisabeth van Aalderen, 33, shows off the incredible beauty of those living with Vitiligo skin condition in portraits.". - See video here

Grazia, ME:

‘While Instagram can all too often be the source of damaging self-comparison (…), it is also the breeding ground for some seriously inclusive and accepting attitudes. The latest source of the latter is photographer Elisabeth van Aalderen’s Instagram with her latest photo series.’ - Read full article here.

Glamour, GB:

‘All types of beauty need to be inclusive' This photographer's vitiligo photo series is so damn empowering, celebrating vitiligo in all its glory.’ - Read full article here.

Metro, GB:

"Photographer creates series to celebrate women with vitiligo after developing the skin condition herself." - Read full article here.


“Shout out to @elisabethva and her project Shades of Pale. It celebrates everyone's uniqueness, embraces the vitiligo body and its aesthetic. "Interpreting the vitiligo body as a beautiful painted canvas.” - See feature here.


“Photographer @elisabethva believes beauty comes from embracing our uniqueness. Inspired by her own experiences, her #Vitiligo Project spreads awareness and celebrates the beauty of the condition. Helping to break boundaries and encourage others to be their most authentic selves, these portraits remind us that beauty can be whatever you want it to be – and that’s something we’re proud to celebrate”. - See feature here.

Viva, NL:

‘Vitiligo is zo krachtig: het zorgt ervoor dat je opvalt, je moet je unieke schoonheid omarmen’, het zijn de wijze woorden van fotograaf Elisabeth Van Aalderen. Ze zet eigenhandig vrouwen met de huidaandoening in de spotlight op Instagram." - Read full article here.

Linda Magazine, NL:

'Elisabeth fotografeert vrouwen met vitiligo: 'Een viering van unieke schoonheid'. Fotograaf Elisabeth van Aalderen schenkt met haar foto’s aandacht aan de huidziekte vitiligo. Deze week ging haar Instagrampagina in één klap viral.  - Read full article here.

Gazet van Antwerpen, BE:

“Nederlandse fotografe brengt mensen met huidziekte vitiligo in beeld." - Read full article here.


“Alle soorten schoonheid moeten inclusief zijn”, het is een uitspraak waar de Nederlandse fotograaf Elisabeth Van Aalderen zich volledig achter schaart. Ze zet eigenhandig vrouwen met de huidaandoening vitiligo in de kijker op Instagram." - Read full article here. 

Ipnoze, FR:

"33 belles femmes atteintes de vitiligo capturées par une photographe souffrant de la même maladie." - Read full article here.

Demotivateur, FR:

"Le vitiligo mis en lumière par une photographe elle-même atteinte lors d'un shooting d'exception." - Read full article here.

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