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Looking for models - apply for "Shades of pale"

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I am still looking for models with vitiligo. If you are interested in being featured, please fill out below to apply. Send it to

These images document the individuality of woman with vitiligo and it celebrates and reinterprets their skin as a beautifully painted canvas. In the literal and biological sense, we are saying farewell to the melanin. However, in the broader sense, we are breaking free from our perception of beauty.

Vitiligo foto project_1.jpg

Application terms

We need clear pictures of your face and of the body where the vitiligo appears.

(Professional portraits are not required.)

  1. a. A clear photo of your face 
    b. A clear colour photo of the area’s of the body where the vitiligo appears in natural daylight. 


  • This can be simply taken off your smart phone, no filters or flash please.

  • Please take images near natural daylight source, such as window.

  • No make-up and please and wear your hair natural.


  1. Applicants must send their full name, age and where they live.

  2. Any portraits produced by Elisabeth van Aalderen are for Social media/ Exhibition only and a selection of images will be used for book publication.

  3. Once the series is completed, individuals portraits will be available to purchase on print. (Selected digitals will be shared with individuals for free.)

  4. Any applicants must be above 18 years.

  5. All images maybe used on Elisabeth’s social media as well as various media sites and publications during the production period. (No images will be used for advertising purposes.)

  6. The entire series is being shot in Amsterdam & Haarlem.
    - Applicants who become part of the series have to travel to Amsterdam under their own steam.

  7. By pressing the application button, you agree with all terms & conditions above.

* Please carefully read in the points above, all applicants most comply with the image requirements.

* Image copyright is retained by the artist.

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